My name is Kwesia and I am City Girl in Nature. I am on a quest to introduce children and young people to the wonderful world of nature and outdoor adventure. To help heal and inspire. Please visit my website and socials for more information. I am seeking supporters, collaborators and fellow travellers.

Kwesia grey up in an inner city area of South-East London. Along with many of her friends, neighbours and peers, who all experienced a great deal of the challenges that come with living in an area, and with people, who have often been neglected, excluded and marginalized.

She struggled a great deal with making sense of senseless violence and trauma she had faced, she found herself homeless, moving from sofa to sofa, and struggling with her mental health and well-being. 

At her lowest, she received what could be regarded as a gift and a blessing. An opportunity to be part of a British Exploring Society’s expedition to the Peruvian Amazon Rain-forest.

This, in many ways, was a life-changing experience for her. She wanted to explore if a connection with nature could touch them in a similar way that it had with herself.

This led to the start of City Girl in Nature, as a way to give back to her community. 

City Girl in Nature Online Series

Kwesia’s passion stems back a couple of years ago after a 3 week trip to the Peruvian Amazon hosted by the British Explorers Society where a spark started to grow. Since then Kwesia has taken part in various activities, all done through sharing her experiences whilst being an example for young people from her community. Never one to shy away from a challenge in the last year Kwesia started her own YouTube channel where the idea for the name ‘City Girl in Nature’ came about.  A discussion with a friend/filmmaker led to the idea of Kwesia starting her own film production company, and that’s where ‘City Girl in Nature’ the online series was born. You can view this series @citygirlinnature. 

For more information you can find Kwesia on socials @citygirlinnature (Instagram), @citygirlnature (Twitter) and her website is citygirlinnature.com.


https://linktr.ee/citygirlinnature has all her social media handles and podcast/articles she features in.  She is an actress in the films ‘Blacks Can’t Swim’ and ‘Blacks Can’t Swim The Sequel’, which are about removing stereotypes, preventing drowning rates and promoting swimming as a life essential skill.