Beginners’ Wildflower ID crib sheets for Wild Flower Hour

2021-11-20 11:00:00


City Girl in Nature

My name is Kwesia and I am City Girl in Nature. I am on a quest to introduce children and young people to the wonderful world of nature and outdoor adventure. To help heal and inspire. Please visit my website and socials for more information. I am seeking supporters, collaborators and fellow travellers.

Orchids in the City of Cambridge

Monica Frisch presents some highlights from a survey of orchids in the city of Cambridge.  The main findings were that nine species of orchid were recorded in the NatHistCam area, and that the number of species per tetrad was greater than in Cambridgeshire as a whole.  The work was done as part of the NatHistCam project and resulted in an article in the Journal of European Orchids.