Alongside your exhibit, we welcome applications to present a flash talk at this year’s Annual Exhibition Meeting on 20th November, 2021. Your ‘flash talk’ can comprise EITHER a 1-minute video OR one Powerpoint slide + a 1-minute voice-over. You can record yourself using your laptop, PC or smartphone.

Recording yourself on your PC or laptop

  • Search for ‘Camera’ in the search bar which is on the bottom left of the screen. 
  • Open the camera app. 
  • Once in the app, you have two options on the right-hand side (camera or video).
  • Click ‘video’ and record your flash talk. 
  • To watch a video you have recorded, click the picture in the bottom right of the screen. 
  • Then you can watch it, delete it and start again or – once you are happy with the recording – send it to us using the share button. 
  • The files should automatically save into your ‘Photos’ folder if you prefer attaching it to an email.

Things to Note

  • Editable PowerPoint (.pptx) will be supported, 16:9 landscape mode is optimal.
  • Your slide must be emailed to [email protected] to reach us before 5pm on Monday 8th November.
  • Please introduce yourself at the beginning of your talk.
  • Your video or voice recording can be emailed to us or (for large files) sent using a transfer system such as WeTransfer

Don’t forget to put your name and any website or social media details on the slide as well!